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  • Inbuilt Malware Protection – Secure Your Files & Data From Bad Guys
  • Automated Backups Of All Your Website’s Data Including Files, Images & Graphics Automatically.
  • Unlimited ‘Everything’ – Hosting, Websites, Domains, Bandwidth, Email Accounts, etc. For Pro Marketers
  • Commercial License – Sell Hosting Services & Make Huge Profits

Thank You For Purchasing PrimeHost.

We know you are eager to log in to your account and explore all its amazing features.

But before you move to our member’s area, we have an important message regarding the security of your website & the data you upload to PrimeHost. If you want to ensure that the files & data you upload to your PrimeHost account don’t get lost, stolen, or hacked then read this page carefully…

As a matter of fact…

Cyber Attacks Rise Up To 600% Due To
COVID-19 Pandemic!

  • Cyber-attacks have been rated the fifth top-rated risk in 2020 and have become the new norm across public and private sectors.
  • This risky industry continues to grow in 2021 as Iot cyberattacks alone are expected to double by 2025.

More and more big companies who initially thought their data was safe are keep getting brutally attacked by hackers.

Being attacked by hackers means losing all your data, images, documents, files, videos, links, hard work… Everything will be gone in a blink. Well, worry not, because we have created a perfect solution for you...


Premium upgrade that unlocks extra security & mind-blowing ‘UNLIMITED’ features with Commercial License to protect your data while simultaneously enhance your PrimeHost user experience.

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Premium Upgrade Feature   Inbuilt Malware Protection

Secure all your files, images, graphics, videos, links & website data from bully hackers & malware attackers by shielding it with an extra impenetrable security layer.

If you don’t protect your website data, you could lose all your hard work and thousands of dollars for good. Not anymore, because our in-built malware protection makes it virtually impossible for hackers to steal or hack your data.

Premium Upgrade Feature   Automated Data Backups

With this premium upgrade, not only you can secure your files from being hacked or stolen but also you can back up all your website data including files, images, videos, links, and graphics automatically…

That means, if you accidentally lose your data or some highly-skilled tech-genius figure out how to move past our iron-clad encryption algorithm (which is virtually impossible), your data will remain safe.

Premium Upgrade Feature   UNLIMITED ‘EVERYTHING’

1. Unlimited Sites & Domain Integration – You can host unlimited websites with unlimited domains & sub-domains without any restrictions

2. Unlimited Bandwidth – You will get unlimited bandwidth without any additional cost so that you can handle high traffic without any problem

3. Unlimited Personalized Emails – You can create and manage unlimited numbers of personalized email accounts for your website & business

4. Unlimited Backup – With this premium upgrade version, you will get an unlimited backup option to take care of all your website data

5. Unlimited Free SSL Certificates – Now you can install and manage unlimited free SSL certificates for all your websites to make them more secure & protected

That Means…

6. Unlimited Traffic, Conversions & Profits – With unlimited everything, you can generate unlimited traffic for unlimited conversions, sales & profits.

Premium Upgrade Feature   COMMERCIAL LICENSE

Another way to boost your earnings with PrimeHost is by selling PrimeHost unlimited hosting space to your local clients and charge them any amount you want. Think about it, online marketers, local business owners, even your family, and friends…

Anyone who is doing anything online needs hosting space and they definitely don’t want to pay heavy monthly subscription fee for it.

With this Commercial license, you have full rights to sell your PrimeHost hosting space to them and charge any amount you want… You can charge monthly, yearly or one-time payment, that’s totally on you.. That means you can potentially 10X your profits & income with PrimeHost Commercial License.

Premium Upgrade Feature   Premium Support

We know how frustrating it could be to wait for days or even weeks just to receive some pointless reply that gets you nowhere. Well, we are about to change that. With PrimeHost Premium Upgrade, you get on-point, problem-solving answers from your own technically skilled personal support concierge who is available for you 24*7.

We also have an in-house dedicated tech team to handle all your server issues and queries within 24-72 hours max! So you can focus on your business and needle-moving activities, leaving all the tech worries to us!

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Why You Should Upgrade To PrimeHost Premium NOW?

Robust Security

To protect your website data from hackers & malware attackers saving your thousands of dollars & years of hard work

Data Backup

No need to live in the constant fear of losing your precious data. With automatic data backup, all your website data will be safe

Easy Side Income

With PrimeHost Premium Commercial License, you can generate an easy side income by selling hosting space to your clients

Unlimited Profits

Remove all limits from your PrimeHost account to generate limitless sales & profits for your business

Quick Support

Get the help you need within minutes to leave all tech headaches behind & focus on growing your business

Unparalleled One-Time Price

All the Premium Upgrade features will cost you an arm and a leg, but right now, you can get them at an unbeatable low one-time price.

Quick Recap Of What You’re Getting Today…

PrimeHost - Premium
Inbuilt Malware Protection
Automated Data Backups
"Unlimited Everything" For PRO Marketer’s
Commercial License
Premium Support
Value $997
Value $497
Value $997
Value $997
Value $497

You're getting $3,985 worth of value with your small ONE-TIME INVESTMENT here today, at a price well over 10 times less!

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PrimeHost Premium
Your Purchase Is 100% Risk-Free With Our
Money Back Guarantee…

Our Awesome PrimeHost Premium comes with a special 30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

If at any time within 30 days of purchasing, you are not satisfied with our product & its advanced features, you may return it to us for a refund. No There’s no way for you to lose anything here. The risk is on OUR shoulders.

With that being said, click the button below now and get your copy of PrimeHost Premium now...

So Why Wait? Get Started Immediately…

When it comes to online marketing, data security is everything. It’s your duty to protect your files from bad people and keep them safe for your peace of mind

Considering that this premium upgrade will help you sleep peacefully at night knowing all your data & files are safe… That’s priceless.

But that’s not all, we have gone an extra mile by removing all limits from your account & included commercial license to supercharge your profits.

Marketers are ready to pay anywhere between $2,00 and $20,000 for the same unlimited hosting systems that PrimeHost Premium provides you!

It would still be a fair deal if we charge $497 annually for this upgrade.

But we know that it would still be too much for small marketers especially amid this pandemic.

That’s why we decided to offer it at this ridiculously low one-time price… but only for a limited time.

Once the timer on this page hits zero, this special one-time price will disappear along with this whole offer as well.

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